Mystic C5000

Mystic C5000
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Mystic C5000
Hull Type:
Large scale Catamaran Hull

A scale cat modeled from the original 3D CAD data supplied by full-scale manufacturer Mystic Powerboats & Design. MHZ holds the exclusive license to produce the C5000 cat as a model. The C5000 has inspirational roots in the famous Tencara catamaran originally designed by Michael Peters. The Tencara cat is offered by MHZusa as our CT03. Mystic and Callan Marine cooperated in a gasturbine refit of a 55 ft Tencara cat. This Tencara cat was the first offshore catamaran to exceed 200 mph. After a serious flip at Key West' world championships in 2004, Dave Callan commisioned with Mystic a new 50 ft cat inspired by the Tencara boat. Extensive finite element calculations were done to ensure the required strength for extreme conditions. The Callan 50 has topped the 210 mph mark since. In 2005, the Callan 50 was renamed Mystic C5000. With a recent 1st place overall at the 2008  Key West SBI/APBA World Championships by JBS racing, the C5000 is building it's legacy fast.

While the 2008 World championship full-scale boat is outfitted with twin TM1800 Extreme Turbines, ours will take two SPM-5 Jetcat gasturbines. Alternatively, a Zenoah G260PUM, CY26, or RCMK Evo 254 Normal Rotating and Counter Rotating engines in each sponson will provide adequate power. As with the full-size examples, optional airscoops on the deck will provide the extra space to hide the sparkplug. Using a twin inline engine in each sponson will also fit but will not raise the power-to-weight ratio significantly. Of course, twin electro-setups  (Lehner 2080 or even the 3080) with 2 x 30-40 cells or the newer 12s to 14s LiPos have been used successfully with the C5000. Using two our custom Trimax C5000 drives, patterned after the original BPM drives allows trimming the thrust with drop-dead scale looks. Our replica of the original rudder, further enhances the scale looks of our C5000. The three-piece hull has been joined "wet-in-wet" from the factory for optimal strength.

The hull is hand-laid epoxy glass, incomparable to weak ABS or heavier and less strong polyester fiberglass. A separate handlaid and gel-coated hatch overlay from which a window frame can be cut is included in addition to a poly carbonate window insert.

The high-luster gelcoat does not need painting.

Available Accessories:

Trimax C5000 Drive (requires 2 pcs) m-1272/c5000
Rudder C5000 m-1767/R
JetCat SPM-5 m-1520
JecCat SPM-5R - counter-rotating gearbox m-1520/R
MHZ-Zenoah Blue Line m-1543/BL
MHZ - 2 x 26 Twin Blue Line m-1543/TBL
Clutch w. Integrated Engine Support Zenoah G260 m-1543/FNU
Counter Rotation Kit with Clutch m-1543/FR

Kit Contents:

Light weight epoxy-glass stronger than inferior ABS-plastic or the heavier polyester-glass. Hull and hatch with high-luster gelcoat. Hull and deck are joined "wet-in-wet" for optimal strength of the seams. Hull and hatch are supplied. A epoxy-glass window frame as well as a polycarbonate clear window insert is included.
Technical Details:
Length: 1850 mm (72.8inch)
Width: 490 mm (19.3 inch)
Approximate Internal Width Sponson 141 mm (5.6 inch)
Approximate Internal Depth Sponson 160 mm (6.3 inch)
RC functions: Rudder, Speed Control
Electric Motor Requirements: 2 x Lehner 2280 to 3080
Cell requirements: 30 - 40 cells sub C such as RC2400 or GP3300 or 10s to 12s lipo.
Gas Engine Requirements: 2 x MHZ 26 Blue line with counter-rotation set, RCMK NR and CR
Gasturbine Engine Requirements: Jetcat SPM-5 and SPM-5R

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